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I've heard about Kindermusik.  But what is it?  Kindermusik is an early childhood development program with a musical focus.  The Kindermusik philosophy is that music influences and enriches all areas of a child's development--language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.  Kindermusik offers age-grouped classes for children from infancy through age 7 years, plus Family Time (for families with children at various ages and stages) and other specialty classes.  Kindermusik is the oldest and best-researched program of its kind in the United States.  Kindermusik constantly draws on the input of parents and other child-development experts to offer the highest-quality curricula and materials.

When is the best time to start my child in Kindermusik?  As soon as your baby is born, she is responsive to music.  In fact, there is lots of evidence that babies hear and respond to music while in the womb!  So it is never to early--many "Village" babies begin before they are 3 months old.  Many families choose to wait until a baby is around 5 or 6 months.  Babies will benefit from the program, because they are doing the class, and experiencing the music, in the arms of their most trusted adults.  Very young babies experience and learn about the world in a multisensory manner--what better, safer, gentler way than in a music class, especially designed for them?!

My child has lots of energy  -- or -- My child behaves in such a shy, clingy way...Will a Kindermusik class be the right choice for her or him?  Each child is unique, each child responds differently to the stimulating environment of a Kindermusik class.  Individual approaches are just that--individual.  There is not a right or wrong way to experience Kindermusik.  A child who is wandering and quickly separating from mom, or a child who will not leave his mom's lap during the class, are both benefitting from the experience because, with a responsive adult partner, the class is designed for that child and every child at his or her age and stage.  "Play is a child's work," said Maria Montessori--and children have many different ways of absorbing and demonstrating learning through their "work".

I can't sing.  How can I be involved in my child's music class?  Everyone can sing, but some of us have had more practise than others.  Your child does not care about the quality of your singing voice; he wants to be with you, and he responds positively to whatever your are enthusiastic about.  Your baby's favorite singer is you, no matter what your opinion of your own voice.  So sing out loud to your child, and know that the two of you can benefit one another in a music class experience.

Do I have to purchase the home materials?  Yes.  The home materials are a very important facet of the whole Kindermusik experience.  The materials, which always include a CD set and a home instrument, provide the stimulation and tools you need to continue the Kindermusik experience every day, in your child's most comfortable environment--your own home.  Kindermusik International has developed the materials in consultation with experts in many areas of child musicology and development.  Sibling kits are available, if you have previously purchased the full materials. 

I like the sound of the Kindermusik program, but I'm not quite sure--can I visit a class?  Certainly!  That is the best way to get a feel for the program and the philosophy.  There are various options, depending on your child's age.  Please email or call.

How do I register?  Set up an account for your family on this website, and choose the class or classes that are right for you.  If classes are full, or you experience any other obstacles, please contact me at 

Financial times are tough.  I don't think I can afford a class.  My firm belief is that no child should be excluded from the Kindermusik experience due to financial constraints.  I am willing to discuss alternate or reduced payment plans.  Please contact me at


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